Some things never change.

So I came home with this today…

My mom wanted to take a good look at it, so I let her being the good daughter I am. On Jade’s signature she wasn’t too sure of his name, it looked like Jordy to her. She looked to Hunter’s signature and said thoughtfully, “oh, he writes like I do.” Adam was passed over without a word, but when she got to Davey’s signature… “What’s his name? Oh. He writes like he’s on acid,” she laughed and added, “I’m pretty, I never had to learn anything.” My first thought was, “and he was the one who got into Berkeley!” My next thought was, “is this why dad never wanted me around people who were from Berkeley?”

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Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man

Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man. Based on the backstory of one of the most beloved children’s novels of all.

;^; For under a half an hour this is so sad!

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Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.
- Bill Nye (via psych-facts)
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[with thanks to incorrectgotquotes, and apologies to the original dialogue]

Hahaha oml! This made my morning!

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The laST ONE


The one with George Washington is priceless.

I like Clyde’s and Millie’s.

winnie is my fricking patronus

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Me and my woman as Fry and Leela!
Happy Halloween!

This is the BEST costume ever!!! XD

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I think this is the best chunk of advice anyone can pass onto our youth. It’s tough to have a clear understanding of things in a bad situation. Or sometimes its just hard to get out of bed after you’ve been hit by the bus that is life. But it’s important to remember things won’t always be this way. What you’re experiencing is a valid and a valuable life experience that you must analyze and conquer. 

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